Pastoral Care

The aims of Amity College’s Pastoral Care program are as follows:

  • Instil common humanistic values of tolerance, responsibility, compassion, courtesy, dignity, honesty, integrity, understanding, empathy and inclusion.
  • Develop social skills that will enable students to survive in society and to become valuable and active participants of the community through intellectual, emotional and personal nourishment.
  • Cater for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of students

Our activities are:

  • Social justice projects (age care centre visits, appeals for the homeless, mentoring kids with special needs, mentoring asylum seekers, opening water wells in Africa, orphanage refurbishment overseas
  • Charity campaigns
  • Camps (reading, studying and activity camps open to all year levels)
  • Parent programs (family visits, celebrations, seminars, BBQ days, iftar-dinner)
  • Picnics and outings
  • Clubs
  • Lunch time discussions
  • After school programs (studying, reading, discussions and sport activities)